Fabric Types

Pollycotton Polyester and Cotton blend fabric.
Flannel It is a type of fabric produced from cotton. ... Flannel fabrics may have a rough surface. In this way, it does not slip and remains full, especially when used in clothes. It keeps warm and soft thanks to its structure.
Welsoft It is a special type of fireproof, non-flammable fabric. Due to its antibacterial properties, it is very important to use it in children and adults who are allergic to dust such as asthma and bronchitis at home. It breathes, keeps warm, has a very comfortable and soft texture.
Ranforce  It is a completely natural fabric with cotton content. Thanks to the superior comfort it offers with its soft surface, ranforce, which is frequently used in textile products, is woven very often at the rate of 55-60 wire / yarn. It offers standard and top quality among the cotton bedding sets.
Creton It is a product group with weaving density from 42 strings to 47 strings per square centimeter. This product group is the most economical.
Saten Satin comes from the French word "Satin". It means bright, tightly woven fabric. It is a product group whose weaving density is more than 80 wire per square centimeter. There are two types of satin fabric. Polyester Satin and Cotton Satin. Glossy and Slippery Satin is polyester satin. Perspiration in polyester satin is directly proportional to the quality of the polyester used in the product. There should not be a perception that "every polyester satin duvet cover makes you sweat". But of course, it may not be very comfortable, especially in summer.
If we are talking about comfort and a healthy sleep in the bed, cotton satin duvet cover sets should be preferred. Its touch, touch feeling, softness is high. It definitely does not sweat and because it has a dense duching, the patterns on its print both show itself and look alive.
Complete Set As the name suggests, it is a functional product that can be preferred in all seasons. It can be sold under many names in the sector, such as Four Seasons Set, All Seasons Set, Quilted Duvet Cover Set, 4 Season Set. Consists of pillowcase, sheet and quilted duvet cover. So what does Kapitone mean? In order to be quilted, fluffy and thick, cotton, wool, fiber, etc. It is a fabric that is combined with ornamentation by sewing in various ways by hand or machine stitching on two fabrics with soft filling material. Its use is covered with a pillowcase. a sheet is laid on the bed and finally, in cold weather, the quilt is covered with a quilted duvet cover, and in hot weather, the quilted duvet cover can be used like a pique. Many users even use this product as "Bed Cover". Four Seasons Sets are mostly made of ranforce fabric.